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This review is kindly sponsored by LongLongTail but my opinion is honest ♥

Price: USD 25.00
Product Code: P00000GE
Materials: Poly 2-HEMA 55%, Water 45%
Manufacturer: Neo Vision
Country of Origin: South Korea
Base Curve: 8.2 ; 8.4 ; 8.6 ; 8.8 
Diameter: 14.0mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.6mm
Available Powers: -12.00 to +5.00

Our "Neo 3 Tone Color Contacts from Neo Vision" will give you a complete adorable look in your eyes. It blends sweetly and make your eyes shines naturally.
The shipping took around 2 weeks to come. The lenses were packed safely and the package was clean!

Here is what I found in my package! An absolutely adorable package with the lens vials, lens case and a paper that has all the info of my order.

Let's just take another look at this ADORABLE bunny packaging ♥ It honestly made me so happy! It just shows that the seller really cares about your order coming in the best condition possible!

And here are the vials with lenses inside them ! Please don't forget to soak your lenses in a special solution for ~6 hours before wearing them ♥

And here is how the lenses look in my eyes ♥ I absolutely love the color! These lenses look really natural and they are very comfy to wear. I actually always wanted to have this kind of eye color so! It's a dream come true ♥


The design is so simple yet so beautiful. These lenses look really natural and got me a lot of compliments. 


Once again, they are really natural so they don't really enlarge your eyes a lot.


Didn't feel a thing! They are easy to put in and I can wear them for the whole day without my eyes getting dry or uncomfortable. 

OVERALL: (5/5)

Love these lenses!
And that’s it for the review! Thanks again to LongLongTail for sponsoring this review! I highly advise you to go check them out for best quality lenses you can find around ♥
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I hope you enjoyed this review. Thank you a lot for reading and see you soon! ヾ(。・ω・。)

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