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This review is kindly sponsored by UNIQSO but my opinions are honest ♥

Hi guys! UNIQSO sent me a pair of circle lenses to review, You can read more about the company here but basically they are one of the leading online circle lenses stores. They let me choose one pair to review and honestly it's always so hard to do because they have so many various colors and designs ♥ Also biggest thanks for being so patient with me because I've had so many things going around,,,,yikes

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Diameter: 14mm ;
Water Content: 38% ;
Base Curve: 8.8mm ;
Replacement Period: Within 12 months ;
What's inside: A pair of contact lens + a lens case ;
Available in prescription ;

I got the package in less than 2 weeks! I'm always surprised to see how fast the packages come!

Package contents!

I'm so thankful that they sell prescription lenses! ♥ So even if you have a bad eyesight like mine (ahaha) you can wear pretty lenses with no trouble!

 Always soak your new lenses in the special solution for at least 6-8 hours before wearing them. The liquid the lenses are kept in the vials is different from the one you use to store your lenses so be sure they cleanse properly. I always see people complaining that their circle lenses hurt and aren't comfortable... But most of those times it turns out the they didn't bother to cleanse their lenses. Please take care of your eyes guys ♥ I usually just leave them in the solution overnight before trying the lenses out.

After doing so - you're free wear your pretty lenses! Try to wear them only for a few hours on the first day. See how your eyes react! The design of Fay Violet is very simple and it makes the purple look almost natural. So these are great for both cosplay and riskier fashion looks! I have personally used them for my Kofuku cosplay!


Simple yet really beautiful. The lenses have a dotty pattern inside them and I'm simply in love! ♥


Lenses being only 14mm they do not enlarge my eyes TOO much but you can still see the difference!


I had completely none problems talking about the comfortableness of these lenses. You can't even feel you have something in your eyes. 

OVERALL: (5/5)

I'm really thankful for these! I can see myself using them for a lot of various characters and looks ♥

And that’s it for the review! Thanks again to UNIQSO for being so nice and sponsoring this review. Check them out!

Don't forget to use my code 'acorn' for a 10% off!

I hope you enjoyed this review. Thank you a lot for reading and see you soon! ヾ(。・ω・。)

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