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This review is kindly sponsored by LongLongTail but my opinion is honest ♥

Price: USD 26.00
Product Code: P00000FV
Materials: Poly 2-HEMA 62%, Water 38%
Manufacturer: Neo Vision
Country of Origin: South Korea
Type of Lens: Regular Color Contacts 
Water Content: 38% 
Diameter: 14.0mm 
Graphic Diameter: 13.7mm 
Base Curves: 8.2, 8.4, 8.6, 8.8 
Available Powers: -12.00 to +5.00 
Get beautiful and twinkle eyes with Ruby Queen Gray Color Contacts. They make your eyes look bigger, fabulous and give a gorgeous wide-eyed look.

Ok so first of all I'm very stupid because I legit thought that I wrote this review already so I deleted all packaging photos... For details about packaging please go to my previous review here ! <3

The lenses come with a tracking number so you can always check where your parcel is. The package arrived in a bit less than a month and I had no problems with the packaging whatsoever.

The package includes a lens case. Please don't forget to soak your lenses in a special solution for ~6 hours before wearing them ♥

And here is how the lenses look in my eyes ♥ I honestly really love this design. The color is simple and doesn't stand out but the playful design makes your eyes pop.

You can easily incorporate these lenses in your daily look. When I get bored of my glasses I just put these in and voila! A completely new look. It's also a nice change for people with naturally light eyes.

Or you can also use these for a cosplay / make up look ! With Christmas coming I really felt the urge to make myself into a Santa's elf and these lenses fit perfectly.



The color isn't the brightest but the design makes up for it more than enough. Tho I kinda wish the color went closer to the iris because now there is still quite a lot of free space where your natural eye color can be seen.


Those actually enlarge your eyes quite a bit! The diameter isn't really the one of big lenses but the black color and the design just makes your eyes pop.


Had no problems with these lenses ever. They are easy to put in and you can't honestly feel anything in your eyes while wearing them.

OVERALL: (5/5)

These lenses are really versatile and can be used in many kinds of looks but also a daily wear. Love them!


And that’s it for the review! Thanks again to LongLongTail for sponsoring this review! I highly advise you to go check them out for best quality lenses you can find around ♥

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