☾Lash Talk Colour Mascara (#raspberry) || Missha☽

I was never a mascara girl (#falsiesforlife) but everything changed when I discovered....colorful mascara! I was browsing The Internet, accidentally found this product and...bought it! I thought it'd be fun if I did lil makeup reviews so let's try ♥

Missha is a Korean makeup brand and well, Korean cosmetics always intrigue me a lot! Pretty packaging and high-quality products. Tho I have never ever tried this particular brand before.

Lash Talk Colour Mascara comes in two shades -> #raspberry and #chocolate. I ordered the pink raspberry one because...spring! Time to bring out some colorful makeup ♥ 

The packaging perfectly match the pink mascara it's...pink! It's simple and cute but sadly basically everything is written in Korean :< Let's hope there wasn't any vital info I had to know before using it,,, yikes. The mascara is pretty much the usual size like any other brands, it says that it is 7.5g.

Okay, once again - I'm not a mascara expert so I can't judge too much. But the brush seems like a typical mascara brush to me! It's not too stiff and gets proper amount of product on the brush ,,, hairs?

Here are my natural eyelashes with no product on. No makeup + makeup. I have pretty usual eyelashes that aren't too thick or long.

And some pics with the product on!

💮 Is quite cheap
💮 Doesn't stick your eyelashes together
💮 Cute packaging
💮 Easy to use brush

🌸 You need quite a few layers for the product to show
🌸 You can see it clearly in real life but it doesn't show too vivid on pictures

The price for the brush is usually ~$13.
You can get it -> kpoptown , ebay 

Would I buy it again? Not sure honestly! I'll definitely use it and try some different things with it.
I liked the product a lot but I wish it showed on pictures more :< I'll try more layers next time.

Hopefully this was useful for some of you! Let me know if you want me to continue making content like this ♥


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