☾KLensPop I ATTI S13 GRAY review☽

Happy late holidays to everyone ♥ So sorry I haven’t been really active with reviews and all.... School has been super busy! Like, really busy. 
I’ve been in cosplay competitions, I had some personal problems. And currently I AM on holidays but I’m doing practise at vet clinic so I’m still pretty busy. But my new years resolution was not to slack off work here too so,,, let’s go!

This review is sponsored by KLensPop.  KLensPop sells a huge variety of Korean circle lenses (also daily and weekly lenses packs), some accessories and cosmetics! The prices range between $10 - $30. I have already done two review for them in the past and you can check it out here and here
So let’s hop hop to the review! /(≡・ x ・≡)\ 
DIA - 14.2mm
Graphic DIA - 13.0mm
BC - 8.7mm
Using Period - 6 months
Water Content - 38%
Prescription available
Manufacturer - DREAMCON
Origin - Korea
Package - 1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE
Price - $18USD  

The package arrived in 20 days. It had a tracking number.

All 3 pairs came in separate boxes (inside the package).

And when you open that box this is what you find. A whole set you need: lenses case, lenses tweezers and, of course, lenses! 

Soaked them in the solution for the night. Never put them right in your eyes!!! They need to soak for at least ~8 hours.

That’s the closer up of the lenses with my make up done and all! ♥

And mandatory ‘both eyes’ picture! Starting from the top - both eyes, wink ;), one eye, two different lenses from comparison.

Another close up!

And here comes the selfies! I tried to costest Nishiki from Donten ni Warau. I was supposed to cosplay her but I might not anymore ;; Too many plans - not enough time.

Colour & design: (3/5)

Sadly I can’t give a lot because they are simple. But simple can be good too! They look nice and I love them. These lenses are more for a daily look. You could easily wear them every day and don’t look too weird if you’re not used to big lenses or lenses at all!
Enlargement: (3/5)

Minimal! They are only 14mm after all.
Comfortableness: (5/5)

I can’t feel them at all, they are very nice and soft to the eyes ♥
Overall: (5/5)

They are simple but beautiful, comfortable and cute! I wear them daily a lot.

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I hope you enjoyed this review. Thank you a lot for reading and see you soon!