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This review is kindly sponsored by UNIQSO but my opinions are honest ♥

Hi guys! UNIQSO sent me a pair of circle lenses to review, You can read more about the company here but basically they are one of the leading online circle lenses stores. They let me choose one pair to review and honestly it's always so hard to do because they have so many various colors and designs ♥ But I ended up with GEO Xtra WTC14 Brown as my old brown ones have expired c:

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Brand: GEO Xtra (GEO Medical) ;
Product Code: LNGWTC14 ;
Price: $20.90 ;
Base Curve: 8.8mm ;
Diameter: 14.8mm ;
Replacement Period: 12 months ;
Water Content: 38% ;
Free 1 normal lens case ;
Available in prescription ;
Geo Xtra Plum brown adorn your eyes with a fresh & energetic look. They ensure natural transition since the color fades softly as the pattern proceeds towards the pupil. They let your eyes sparkle. The glossy effect produced by Geo Xtra Plum brown creates an illusion of dolly eyes that is worth dying for.

The order for these lenses was placed on 16/01/2017 and they were sent out on 18/01/2017. Their processing time is normally 2-3 days. After the lenses were sent out I got a tracking code. The lenses were in my local post office on 10/02/2017 but I was only able to pick them up on 17/02/2017. So not counting the week the lenses stayed in my post office - it took 3 weeks to arrive!

Inside the package were 3 things:

  1. A 'thank you' box with the vials in it;
  2. A simple circle lenses case;
  3. A cute circle lenses set-case;

I love the boxes they ship out the vials in! I think I already have... ~10 of those. The cardboard boxes assure you that the vials won't be damaged during the shipment.

And here are the vials out of the box. They have the GEO sticker from which you can know that they're authentic.

I really love UNIQSO for having prescription lenses too ♥ As you can see, I'm pretty blind but I never have problems seeing with these lenses in. Honestly, it makes things so much easier!

Here is the set. It comes with a cute bear box, lenses case, tweezers and a thingie you use to pick your lenses with. Perfect for beginners! I always have the problem when I'm bringing lenses in my suitcase to a con or some other event - there will always be a leak, no matter how well I close the cases. So the additional box/case is going to solve this problem for me ♥

Taking the lenses out of the vials kinda feels like when husband lifts the veil of his wife and finally sees her? Weird comparison but hey! GEO Xtra WTC14 Brown has a beautiful flower-like design and are rich in color. At this point I was so excited to put them in my eyes BUT! Always soak your new lenses in the special solution for at least 6-8 hours before wearing them. The liquid the lenses are kept in the vials is different from the one you use to store your lenses so be sure they cleanse properly. I always see people complaining that their circle lenses hurt and aren't comfortable... But most of those times it turns out the they didn't bother to cleanse their lenses. Please take care of your eyes guys ♥ I usually just leave them in the solution overnight before trying the lenses out.

And after cleaning my lenses properly - I was finally able to try them out ♥ All of these pics are taken in natural lightning. 

For these lenses I kinda tried to do a cut-crease kind of make up but... It's really hard to do so when you have hooded eyelids :< I still kinda like the result tho! My natural eye color is grey and... I absolutely love the color changing gradiently from the brown of the lenses to my natural one. I also love those black parts around my pupil!


I love it all ! Brown eyes were always the pretties to me and I love being able to gradiently mix it together with my natural ones and get something unique. The floral design is absolutely gorgeous and enhances your eyes a lot.


The black outline of the lenses is what enlarges my eyes the most. These lenses are 14.8mm so not too big but you still get some dolly look. With them being not too big you can also rock a natural look too!


I had completely none problems talking about the comfortableness of these lenses. You can't even feel you have something in your eyes. 

OVERALL: (5/5)

I love them! I'm definitely using them for my everyday looks but also cosplays. I'm 100% using them for D.Va if I end up cosing her this year. 

And that’s it for the review! Thanks again to UNIQSO for being so nice and sponsoring this review. Check them out!
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Don't forget to use my code 'acorn' for a 10% off!

I hope you enjoyed this review. Thank you a lot for reading and see you soon! ヾ(。・ω・。)

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