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Guess who’s finally back to doing reviews (the answer is me) ? I’m so sorry I was gone for so long! School took my time completely I’m currently on holidays so expect some catching up with reviews and probably even a few videos!

Now to the review!

The lenses are kindly sponsored by PinkIcon so go check them out! They are Hong Kong’s largest online Korean colour contact lens store. Read more about them here.

The lenses I got are Angel Green by GEO!

Product Code: CM-833
Brand: GEO
Unit: 1 pair
Price: USD$14.40
D.I.A: 14.20mm
Water Content: 38%
B.C: 8.6mm
Duration: Yearly
Origin: Korea
Color: Green

I got the lenses in a bit less than a month! They were safely packed ♥ What I loved was that PinkIcon’s return address also had their symbol!

The vials were wrapped in a bubble wrap.

These lenses come with prescription so they are perfect for people with eyesight problems like me

And the vials! They have the GEO confirmation sticker so it’s all perfect ♥

And here comes something I say in EVERY circle lenses review post I do: always keep your lenses in the solution for at least 8 hours before actually wearing them! As you can see, the lenses also came with a case.

A little close up to the lenses ♥ The design is really cute, what do you think? c:

There was also their business card included that on the other side has a reminded of when your lenses expire (you need to write that down!).

And also a little booklet about how to wear the lenses and such. I think it’s really great that they send it together with the order because you need to be sure to follow all the instructions! After all, it’s your eyes you’re dealing with!

8 hours have passed? Time to try the lenses out! Here you can see them in natural lightning (1,2,4 pics) and with flash (3rd pic). And in the last pic you can see my natural eye colour and how much lenses change the look!

Single eye shots ♥

And you can see the design more clearly here! ♥

S-s-s-s-selfie time! I, personally, am going to use these lenses for my Nozomi Tojo from School Idol Festival/Love Live cosplay so I thought, why not to do a little costest with them? ♥

And one that’s a bit more close up!

And that was it for the pictures! ♥

Color & design: (5/5)

I’m super happy about them! They are bright and vibrant but not too much. The design is also not too complex but it’s also not dull. Love them!

Comfortableness: (5/5)

All GEO lenses that I own or have owned are/were super comfortable so same goes to these ones. I can’t even feel I have something in my eyes!

Enlargement: (4/5)
They are not big lenses but they do enlarge!

Overall: (5/5)
I really love how green eyes look and I’m always jealous because my ‘real’ eyes are dull and not pretty. So thanks to these lenses I can make it more fun! Love them and def going to wear them daily too ♥

So that’s it for the review, thank you for reading!

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