☾The Five Wits "Perfectly Ordinary School-Girl" wig review☽

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"Today I will be reviewing a really amazing store called TheFiveWits. And it’s literally a-m-a-z-i-n-g. In the website they sell a big variety of cosplay wigs and BJD wigs. The wigs they sell are made from a really high quality heat-resistant fiber. The prices might seem a little bit pricey in compare with the wigs from eBay or such but it’s really worth to spend a few more dollars on these amazing wigs! I will tell you more about them in the review ♥

TheFiveWits really kindly let me to choose one wig and they sent me it. The wig I chose is:

“This wig is a rich shade of brown and is 20″ (51 cm) long. It works for any number of, well, perfectly ordinary schoolgirl characters…”

Price: $40

I got the wig really quickly. It came in 8 days. They also provided a tracking number for me!

Some instructions were added with the wig.

The wig is really beautiful brown colour (a bit like my natural hair). It’s so thick and it looks like real human hair! It’s not shiny at all, it’s easily styled and brushed. You can feel the quality just by touching it because it’s so soft and nice!

The wig is called “Perfectly Ordinary School Girl”. And I’m indeed going to use it for someone like that! In the spring I will be cosplaying Iki Hiyori and I will use this wig for her because it’s simple perfect? 

But for the review I wanted to make some more interesting look than that. And few days ago I watched the last part of “The Hobbit” and cried like a baby so I thought why not to make some elf inspired look? Haha. I got told that I look like Arwen or Tauriel but it’s really just a coincidence! I did this randomly. Also added few cuts because I love making sfx cuts orz By the way, I will be cosplaying someone from the Hobbit! But shh let’s keep it a secret. While I’m writing this review “The Misty Mountain” is playing and ahhh I love that song a lot ///

But before selfies let me show you how the wig looks from different sides and with different lightnings! I added some braids to make a more “elf like” hairstyle and was surprised how easy it’s to braid. My own real hair is harder to deal with haha ;;

Some side photos. And my 5 minute made elf ears haha.

Front photo! I hid the fringe. It’s not cut too short so you can style it the way you want! Also these are probably the first pictures where I’m not hiding my forehead haha!

I’m not sure if this counts as a front photo or a side photo but that doesn't matter hehe

Let the selfies begin! See the difference in quality from my older reviews? Luckily for me  my older sister left her super nice camera home and I can play with it until she comes for a visit again! But after a few months I should have my own camera who takes good quality pictures because at the moment I’m saving for it and already have half of the money huhuhu

You are probably thinking why I’m wearing different colour lenses? I actually put different ones to see which colour will look better with the look but I ended up loving the way it looks with different colours so I kept them like that!

Hello, I’m Ruu and I love making "beat up" make up. Sadly I don’t have latex but I’m planning to buy it in the future so I can make some more realistic cuts and such! Also my elf ears are made from tape + foundation. It was surprisingly easy!

I rate the wig:
I own quite a lot of wigs but this one is definitely the best one I ever had! I love it so much! I don’t want to repeat myself but the quality is AMAZING. 

And don’t forget to check:

Thank you all for reading this review! (*´・v・) I had lot’s of fun writing it and I hope that it was helpful to you! Both of my lenses are from UNIQSO (Dolly Eye BT Green and Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Blue) you can use my code “kumicchi” for 10% off your order when shopping in UNIQSO! The beautiful hair piece is from BornPrettyStore (Boho Glaze Hairband) and you can use my code “ENYT10” for a 10% discount off your order when shopping there!

See you all very soon in me next review! (*´▽`*)"

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